100% Regional

Our production and refinement site is located in the middle of the cultivation area in the valley of Martello. As a result, we are able to guarantee a 0 km production. We operate following a circular model (CradletoCradle) leading to zero waste. All materials are fed back either into technical or biological cycles. Running th production facility on renewable energy and working with healthy regional products allow us to make a positive contribution to the region: From creating jobs to healthy nutrition. The majority of the ingredients come from the region and the majority of the sales will be within the region. This further underpins our idea of social and ecological sustainability. The holistic concept represents a complete solution and is new in this area.

Circular Modell

The essence of sustainable production and procurement is the reduction of the multiple ecological and social impacts, from “cradle to grave” to intelligent product design via “cradle to cradle”. Seibstock Manufaktur will demonstrate ways, how products and materials can circulate and be reused as technical or biological nutrients in closed loops. Our glasses and bottles will be returned to us after usage and will be filled-up again.
It is all about developing new “good” products and integrating them into cycles by means of Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economy.

Holistic thinking means readiness for the future.