Our mission is to offer people healthy food produced regionally and in high quality. We want to open new market possibilities for the local farmers and motivate them to embrace biodiversity. Awareness of the whole and about closed cycles is of particular importance to us.
The idea is meant to solve one of the most basic problem of the farmers in the Valley of Martell: in case of rain or humidity, the harvested strawberries (or any other berries and fruits) only last 2 to 3 days leading to lower quality and prices.
The planned company (to be managed according to the principles of the economy for the common good) is intended to solve this problem be freezing the harvested ripe fruits and using them subsequently to prepare and commercialize jams and syrups.

 Terra InstituteTerra will take care of the distribution in a careful and conscientious way and Peter will produce the best jam of the world.

- Günther Reifer, Terra Institute


The production of fruit spreads and syrups takes place based on the “zero-kilometers-principle” and in closed cycles: Hand-picked fruits, herbs and flowers are processed on site under greatest diligence, jars collected and returned for re-usage.


The awareness of quality is deeply rooted in the company’s history dating back to the times of Sissi – Empress of Austria – and her gardens at Trautmannsdorf/Merano. Her gardener handed over his surplus of fruits for the manufacture of jam to the Seibstock family. They set up their sale in a small but exquisite shop in the arcades of Merano in 1890. Success soon followed and was built on quality since then. In order to produce “the best jam of the world”, no compromises were made. Expertise and the feel for highly refined products are success factors until this day, based on the concept of sustainability and cooperation.

After many years of working together, we have grown closer and nowadays we are deeply connected by confidence. I have seen that Peter is incredibly creative and provides best quality with deep mindfulness – he truly is a food artist.

- Evelyn Oberleiter, Terra Institute


I do not want to make any compromises when it comes to food. And I don’t have to.

- Peter Seibstock, Seibstock Manufaktur

Our preserves contains a high fruit content and therefore are more than “simply” jam. The combination of specially selected fruits and berries makes the difference: cultivation of berries has a long tradition in the Martell valley (South Tirol, Italy). The cultivated areas are at an average altitude of 1300 m above sea level. The mountain strawberries stand out as the most distinguished in Europe. A mild and dry climate, the altitude and the dedication of the farmers with their eco-friendly integrated cultivation methods all contribute to the fame of the Martell strawberries far beyond the borders.



Values: Tradition and innovation, regionality, handcraft, fairness, sustainability and openness.

Promises: highest quality of ingredients, regionality, 100% traceability, closed circuits, handmade, meaningful contribution for the world.


Through our attentive and sustainable commercialization we want to give impulses and food for thought for a positive development towards sustainability. Healthy regional foods are credible, that’s how we inspire our clients.

- Günther Reifer, Terra Institute

100% Regional

Our production and refinement site is located in the middle of the cultivation area in the valley of Martello. As a result, we are able to guarantee a 0 km production. We operate following a circular model (CradletoCradle) leading to zero waste. All materials are fed back either into technical or biological cycles. Running th production facility on renewable energy and working with healthy regional products allow us to make a positive contribution to the region: From creating jobs to healthy nutrition. The majority of the ingredients come from the region and the majority of the sales will be within the region. This further underpins our idea of social and ecological sustainability. The holistic concept represents a complete solution and is new in this area.

Circular Modell

The essence of sustainable production and procurement is the reduction of the multiple ecological and social impacts, from “cradle to grave” to intelligent product design via “cradle to cradle”. Seibstock Manufaktur will demonstrate ways, how products and materials can circulate and be reused as technical or biological nutrients in closed loops. Our glasses and bottles will be returned to us after usage and will be filled-up again.
It is all about developing new “good” products and integrating them into cycles by means of Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economy.

Holistic thinking means readiness for the future.


We advise and accompany companies, organizations and society on their way to a sustainable future.


The earth is the overarching system to which we feel obliged. It is our mission to reconnect people and systems to the network of life, to write a new history about the role of business & other economic actors and to spread its knowledge. We want to initiate a systemic change and empower businesses to be part of the solution and no longer part of the problem.

We consider social and ecological responsibility, as well as personal fulfillment, to be the factors of success in the 21st century. They form the basis and are multipliers of a sustainable development. The view that we are all one drives our idea of humankind. The products and services we offer function as guidelines for sustainable action.

Terra Institute and its cooperating partners operate as center of competence for innovation and sustainability within companies and the society at large. Read more.

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